Are all vitamins created equal? The bio-hazards of the vitamin industry

Vitamins are food, or they should be anyway. But, beware of all those really “affordable” brands you find in the big box store, pharmacy, and on-line.

Why? Well, they are not all created equal.

Did you know that most of the inexpensive brands are made from synthetic ingredients with vitamin compounds, and not the whole vitamin? Why do you think they are so affordable?

Chemical by-products and industrial waste are environmentally hazardous and in abundant supply. This makes them both difficult, and costly to dispose of properly. Selling these waste products as cheap, raw materials is a huge win for manufacturers, and repackaging them as health supplements can be very profitable.

Synthetic vitamins are made from isolated nutrients derived from natural sources like soy, lanolin, sago palm, sugar beets, corn starch, rice starch, bacterial fermentation or yeast (e.g., vitamin C is made from sugar beet or corn derivative). The manufacturing process uses chemicals, solvents and heat to distill or reduce down these nutrients into one specific isolated chemical structure that is called a “pure” vitamin. This means that children’s vitamins are loaded with synthetic ingredients and don’t do a growing body any good.

Remember this important rule “nothing good is cheap and nothing cheap is good.” Don’t pay with your health!

At Act Natural Health & Wellness we carry high-quality, organic supplements with food-grade sources, and a proven supply chain. Focus on improving the quality of your food instead of focusing on taking supplements to try to counterbalance a deficient diet.

Stop eating C.R.A.P. (Commercially Reproduced Artificial Products). Need a little help in creating a new lifestyle plan? Schedule a Nutrition Consultation today!

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