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Elderberries as immune boosters

J’s Homemade Elderberry Gummies are a delicious way to supplement those immune boosters. Gummies are adult and kid friendly.

Fun Fact – Elderberries can be found growing in Connecticut? You may have Elderberries growing right in your own backyard.

Sambucus nigra, known as black elderberry, has the highest amounts of immune-supporting compounds.

Traditionally, each part of the plant has its own set of uses:

  • Berries–antioxidant and immune support
  • Flowers–antioxidant and immune support, but also as a diuretic, laxative, or diaphoretic (helps you sweat)
  • Bark-diuretic, laxative, and to induce vomiting.

Elderberry will kill you – NEVER eat RAW!

Elderberries, specifically the unripe fruits, leaves, and stems are rich in a compound called cyanogenic glycosides. This compound, when metabolized, is converted into cyanide. Unless you want to go out like a spy, I would try to avoid this compound.

This compound is quickly destroyed when elderberries are cooked prior to ingestion or processing for supplements. Only eat cooked elderberries.

Bark and stems will help induce nausea because of the irritating effect from the poisons!

Elderberries are rich in the following compounds: antioxidants

Bioflavonoids like quercetin, glycosides, and rutin

Vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, B6, and iron

So, do Elderberries help with symptoms of the cold or flu?
Well, Elderberry has traditionally been used for its anti-viral properties, for symptoms associated with influenza and the common colds.

There have been some studies around this topic. People who took concentrated elderberry preparations (Elderberry Syrup or Gummies) at the onset of diagnosed flu symptoms had a significant reduction in symptoms and duration of the illness.

Add a daily dose of Elderberry to an already varied diet to gain the benefits of this little antioxidant berry.

Well-made elderberry syrup will have the equivalent of 5-15 grams of whole elderberry per teaspoonful.

At Act Natural Health & Wellness you won’t just find Elderberry Syrup and gummies, we have Elderberry Jam and Elderberry Maple Syrup.

Want to pick your own Elderberries? You can find local berry farms that offer pick-your-own elderberries during the growing season.

Want to learn how to make Elderberry Syrup? Look for our upcoming educational Zoom classes coming soon!

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