Break the Sugar Habit

Need healthy snack ideas? Who isn't busy? We all are, but choosing to use your time wisely can reduce stress, inflammation, and increase energy. A friend of my called me from work yesterday. She works as a nurse at a hospital. My friend was "jonesing" for a snack. She was having a response to her sugar …

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Become a “Health Nut”

Thinking about cleaning out the colon? Adding good fiber can help with that. Eating a handful of nuts and seeds every day is a great way to add not only fiber but good fat into your diet too. Nuts and seeds can help you lose or maintain weight by satisfying your appetite. They can also stabilize …

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Magnesium – The Miracle Mineral

Magnesium serves hundreds of functions within the body and is an important part of bone mineralization, heart health, a healthy nervous system, cellular energy, blood clotting, blood pressure, tooth enamel, immune function hormone regulation and the relaxation and activation of muscle tissue. Three quarters of all Americans eat a diet that is deficient in magnesium, …

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