Denise Tucker

aniconFor a few years I have the worst time with my stomach every time I ate half a sandwich I thought I ate a 10 course meal. I had gas and bloating and pain and discomfort, and I had talked to Pam a few times and when I finally decided I couldn’t take it anymore I went down to see her and she sat down with me and we went over everything I should and should not be doing, everything I should and should not be eating and it’s been about 3 months and I feel sooooo much better, I haven’t had any of the symptoms I mentioned above or heartburn once and all I can say is she really knows her stuff, she so knowledgeable and so helpful and friendly and kind!! The store is so welcoming and so is Pam and her family, you must stop in at least for a visit and try their tea or smoothies or the locally grown farmers market on Thursday eve from 3 to 7. You won’t be disappointed. ~July 13, 2016