Holiday Healing Open House

Act Natural Health & Wellness
24 Water Street,
December 5th

Winter is here and Christmas is near! Did you know you can find unique gifts at Act Natural? Browse for a special gift! Until December 24th, buy an Act Natural Gift Certificate for $25 and we will give you $5.00 towards your certificate! That’s $30 for $25!

Our Healing Open House is going on break for the winter. See you again in the spring!

Community Healing Group  5-6pm
Join us for an informal healing discussion session! We start with a healing meditation, then discuss healing energies and how they interact. We end with an energy healing/reiki share!

Energy healing in a zero gravity chair with Healer Donna Semararo. She has studied with three local reiki masters and always feels honored to share energy with people during healings. $1.00/minute. 20 minute minimum.


What’s in the cards for your future? Tarot doesn’t have the power to change future events, but it can help you anticipate them.

oracle-cards-437688_1920Try a tarot reading with Tracy Rowe. Only $1 a minute! (5 minute minimum).

As always, we have healthy, clean vitamins, supplements, gluten-free breads, vegan treats, and clean, high-quality CBD products!

This is an open house, so no registration fees, just come down and join the party!

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