Fragrances; They can’t be toxic, right?

Fragrances are in perfume, cologne, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, candles, cosmetics, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, clothing, drapes, blankets, mattresses, bed sheets, pet products, carpets, that new car smell…well, you get the picture.

They all smell great, right? But they really “stink”. They stink with deception.

Almost all these lovely scents are man-made synthetic chemicals from the petroleum industry. Even “natural” scents and fragrances are synthetic. The term “Natural”-as in Natural Scents or Fragrances, and even Natural Food and Natural Flavoring are terms not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration.

For instance, let’s say you eat vanilla yogurt, and the list of ingredients contains natural vanilla flavor. That “natural” flavor isn’t from a vanilla bean or vanilla extract, it’s a synthetic chemical formulation that can include up to 100 different chemicals! Doesn’t that just stink?

Doesn’t the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) or the Federal Cosmetic Act protect us from these potentially cancer causing, hormone disrupting, asthma inducing chemicals? Nope! Corporate giants hide under the label “proprietary blends”. If it’s proprietary then it’s a secret, and chemical producers are exempt from the law of disclosure.

If you’re concerned about what you put into your body, you should be equally as concerned about what you put on your body.  Your skin is your largest organ and protects everything on the inside from invaders and toxins. It also absorbs everything it comes in contact with, like all those synthetic chemicals we use or are exposed to every single day. Those toxins are carried right into the bloodstream. Yuck!

Plastic toys are loaded with toxins that are stored in children’s bodies, weakening the nervous system and disrupting hormones. Eliminate the plastic and incorporate healthy toys made with wood and fabric.

Don’t you just love taking the clothes out of a warm dryer? They feel so soft and smell so lovely, right? How could this possibly be bad? I know, it’s hard to believe but it is.

The chemicals in one little dryer sheet not only leave a coating on your towels and clothes that are absorbed by your skin, they also continue to off-gas* those lovely toxic scents for a very long time. Now you not only absorb toxins through the skin, but you also breathe them into your lungs, delivering them right to your blood.

According to Healing Natural Oils – Dryer sheets are bad news for your dryer too. The waxy component in the dryer sheets is there to make the laundry soft and static free, but it builds up on your clothes and on the lint screen in the dryer, preventing the dryer from functioning effectively and even burning out the heating unit in time or causing the dryer unit to catch fire – putting your home at risk from fire as well. You cannot SEE the film, but it’s there.

Ditch the synthetic fragrances and vote for change with your wallet by choosing fragrance free, real flavorings or adding in your own flavor with fruits, herbs, and extracts. Make your own dryer sheets, perfume, and body care with essential oils. Always wash new clothing before wearing, so as to avoid the skin absorbing the synthetic chemicals in new products.

*Off-gassing (also known as out-gassing) refers to the release of airborne particulates or chemicals—dubbed volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—from common household products. Potential sources of off-gassing range from construction materials to carpeting, cabinetry, furniture, paint, and any number of household goods.” Taken from –

Check out the movie trailer for “Stink” and find out what is hiding in your fragrance.

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