Hot Topic – Blood Pressure Drugs

Disease just doesn’t happen. There is always a cause.

I am sharing the article below because there is currently a rise in pancreatic cancer that may be linked to blood pressure drugs. According to there is also a link to using blood pressure drugs and drug induced dementia.

Life can get extremely stressful and hectic. The food we choose to eat and the prescription drugs we take can have a direct correlation to our mental and physical health. Trigger foods such as sugar, simple carbs and caffeine all have the ability to cause anxiety, racing heart, stomach dysfunction and more.

In times of stress, I often find my blood pressure to be a bit on the high side. Instead of taking blood pressure meds I have opted to supplement with Herb Pharm’s Blood Pressure support and a dropper of Motherwort. I never leave the house or jump into bed without a dose of either, and I’ve found my pressure will come down, along with the added benefit of improved sleep.

Do your homework before you put anything into your body. Insist on Informed Consent. 

From Natural Health 365:

“Arguably, some blood pressure medications may be necessary and offer a benefit for those suffering with cardiovascular issues. But, of equal importance is, research out of the Baylor College of Medicine that has determined some of these drugs – like calcium channel blockers (CCBs) – can raise the risk of pancreatic cancer in menopausal women.

CCBs work by preventing calcium from entering blood vessel walls and heart cells, reducing blood pressure and decreasing cardiac workload and stress.

The study examined a large group of over 145,000 postmenopausal women from the Women’s Health Initiative study between ages 50 and 79 years old. By 2014, over 800 had developed pancreatic cancer, with elevated risk among those taking a short-acting CCB.

WARNING: Blood pressure drugs can double the risk of pancreatic cancer
Of the participants, those who had taken a CCB (short-acting calcium channel blocker) had a 66 percent increased chance of getting pancreatic cancer. Those who took short-acting CCBs (as compared with other blood pressure drug types) for over three years had a doubled risk of pancreatic cancer….. Read more 

Act Natural Health & Wellness carries a full line of herbal tinctures to support your mental and physical health.

Disclaimer – This information is for educational and enjoyment purposes only. No part of this information is intended to diagnose or treat any condition or health concern and is not intended to supplement medical information of any kind. Always speak with your doctor or healthcare professional before you consider making any changes to your healthcare plan.





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