Art on Absurd Surfaces











Late Bloomer, maybe? Unexplored talent you haven’t found time for? Pure white canvas too formal? Think you can’t draw, so you’ve pushed aside your painting ideas?

How about this for fun?

Art on Absurd Surfaces with Joan Kunsch

Session One:
We talk about unusual and inviting surfaces    and take a look at a few examples. Together   we make a list of possible surfaces and art    tools-that is, anything that can make a mark.
Thurs. June 7th 5:30-6:30  $15.00 per student

Session Two:
We bring a few found surfaces and we just might start something.
Sat. June 9th 1:00-2:00pm  $15.00 per student

Session Three: 
We meet again to share what we’ve made so far, and perhaps talk about what we have      discovered.
Sat. June 16th 1:00-2:00  $15.00 per student

We can choose to display our pieces (or not) as an instant exhibition on the Act Natural walls. If you can’t be present for all sessions, come to those you are able to attend. Appropriate age level junior high through 117 years of age.
Limit 15 students. Materials not provided.

For more information or to register contact Pam at Act Natural Health & Wellness, 24 Water Street in downtown Torrington CT at 860-482-8477 or by email at

Joan Kunsch, a Connecticut native, has been drawing and painting from the beginning, though her professional life is spent in the Nutmeg Ballet studios teaching classical dance. She has taught in seven foreign countries and in cities all over the US, making sketches all along the way. Much of her art has taken shape on improbable surfaces that were not intended for such a purpose. Joan has found “absurd surfaces” to be very freeing, and would enjoy sharing this discovery with all participants.




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