Break the Sugar Habit

Need healthy snack ideas? Who isn’t busy? We all are, but choosing to use your time wisely can reduce stress, inflammation, and increase energy.

A friend of my called me from work yesterday. She works as a nurse at a hospital.
My friend was “jonesing” for a snack. She was having a response to her sugar addiction, and was talking to me from the cafeteria like a drug addict looking for her next fix. She needed my help in finding something healthy to grab.

You would think there would be at least one healthy snack there, it’s a hospital after all, it’s where all the sick people go to regain health. She thought about a banana. Really? It will give you an insulin spike leaving you hungry and craving more sugar. How about a snack bar? Loaded with added forms of sugar from corn. She read the ingredients to three snack bars and not one was fit for human consumption-that is, if you are trying to avoid artificial flavors, added sugar, man made sugar, GMO ingredients, soy, soy by products, gluten, and fillers.

How about a cup of tea? Yes! It will help with dehydration and help to satisfy the sugar craving. Let’s read the ingredients on the package of that lemon ginger tea. It’s just tea. No it isn’t! Black tea, soy lecithin, and natural flavors. What the heck is soy doing in a tea bag? Where do those natural flavors come from? The FDA does not regulate natural flavors, they are made in labs by chemical companies.
My wise friend decided to grab the bag of trail mix and container of water she brought to work. Good idea!

Do you think grabbing a sugary snack is the answer to hunger? Think again, because dehydration can trigger the hunger feeling. Be sure to drink before you reach for a bag “of”, a package “of”, just one “of” and even before running off to the vending machine. You will be glad you did.

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