Tranquil Tuesdays Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jennifer Ford


Jennifer Ford
$15 per person

Join Jennifer on Tuesday’s to unite movement with breath at a more energetic pace while focusing on physical as well as inner strengths. Ending in shavasana with reiki infused essential oil aromatherapy.  Drop ins welcome.

I had tried a few yoga dvds and such but never really connected. For some reason I knew there was something there though. The first day I stepped into a yoga studio I knew it would forever change my life. I felt a shift in energy, in myself and felt more at home then I ever had. Shortly after I went through my teacher training, till this day I still believe it was one of the most incredible journeys I had ever been on.
I truly have a passion to help people through the practice of yoga. since my teacher training I have been lucky enough to do some pretty amazing things as a yoga teacher. I spent 3 months teaching at Amatierra yoga retreat center in Costa Rica, a very challenging yet rewarding and life changing experience. I spent a semester teaching yoga and leading students through meditation, while incorporating the practice of non violent communication and mindfulness weekly at Waterbury Art and Magnet school. Currently I am teaching yoga weekly at Carnes Weeks Rehabilitation Center. I truly believe in the practice of yoga, on your mat as well as off. To say yoga has changed my life would be a understatement. My wish is that even if I can help even one person through the practice of yoga, then I’ll be happy

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