Feet First for Fibro Relief

Call it fibromyalgia, fibro or FMS – the fact is that thousands if not millions of people have received the diagnosis of this chronic, long-term and often debilitating disease. One thing that I am grateful for is that this condition is finally being recognized by the medical profession and is not being shrugged off as “something in your head”. When someone is experiencing pain, the last thing that they deserve is to be told that “the tests don’t show anything wrong with you”.

Progress is being made in research, remedies and relief for FMS patients. One complimentary therapy, reflexology, has been proven to aid in the relief of fibro. As a relaxation technique, reflexology allows for the recipient to experience respite as the reflexologist gently manipulates the reflex points located on the bottom of the feet. This ancient method of healing is being recommended more and more as part of the “whole” treatment plan for fibromyalgia along with many other modern ailments. With foot reflexology, blockages in the meridians are released, improving circulation immediately.

As the blood & the lymph flow more freely, the body is able to heal more efficiently. Trigger points that are extremely sensitive can be relaxed therefore reducing the pain reaction when touched or bumped. Reflexology also helps to improve the functioning of the immune system, strengthening the body as a whole and promoting homeostasis. Relaxation is the pre-requisite for all healing and is especially important for those with abnormal, heightened sensory issues of the central nervous system.

If you suffer from FMS, or if you know anyone that does, please allow the idea of “feet first”  when considering treatment and relief. As standard medical procedures are coupled with complimentary, holistic modalities, the body can return to a natural state of healing more easily.


Sources: http://www.arthritis.org/about-arthritis/types/fibromyalgia/articles/fibromyalgia- treatments.php


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