Fit For the Holidays – BODY FLEX Workshop

Saturdays 10-11am
Dee Becker
$15 per person
or $50 per month
yoga mat recommended

Get fit in time for the holidays! Classes will run weekly, and monthly cards are available for $50 a month, or you can drop in and pay $15 per class.

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My own personal testimonial to this program in the short form:

Back in 2000, I used this program in desperation to fit into a bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding Doubling the recommended once-per-day workout to two 20-30 minute workouts per-day (faithfully) did the trick, and in less than two months! I’m not sure how much actual weight I lost, but enough inches disappeared that my seamstress had to take in my dress approximately two sizes–Dee

This 1 hour workshop will consist of breathing instruction and one complete 20-minute workout including a handout for the body positions.  Please bring a towel, yoga mat or something to kneel and lay on the floor with.

The following is a summary of a 1996 article by Greer Childers, the creator of Body Flex, explaining the principle and benefits:

“I did everything that we all have done to lose weight. I went to the gym, I watched what I ate, and I went on diets, but I could never really get to where I wanted to be. I wanted to look good, I wanted my stomach to be flat, and these inner thighs to stop swinging along with me. I wanted something I could do at home that was cheap and that didn’t take very long, and I wanted to see the results right away! Three months is a lifetime to me. I can’t wait three months for anything. I hate exercise – it’s boring, it’s hard, and I hate it. And on top of that I love to eat. I refuse to sacrifice food. That is why I was fat in the first place.”

“I needed to find a solution, and the conventional methods that were available to me just didn’t do it. Then I went to San Francisco and learned this breathing exercise from an exercise physiologist. It claimed to take four to 14 inches off your mid-section in the first week. I was desperate. I did the program, and I took it home and did what I was supposed to do, and I am here to tell you that I went from a tight size 14 to a size four in three and a half months, where I remain today. The cost of learning the system was $1,500. I streamlined this program into fifteen minutes a day and 11 years ago I began to teach it to the general public, and I also have two exercise videos. I designed it for myself, for everything she wanted to change and help others do the same.”


“We use less than one-fifth of our lungs to breathe on a daily basis. We have limited the amount of oxygen to our system which, of course, makes us tired.  It is an accelerated aerobic breathing technique that you do standing still. When you increase oxygen to the body through breathing, you increase the oxygen to the blood. You direct the oxygenated blood to the area you want to affect, and the working muscle group utilizes the oxygen you deliver to it. I have selected areas of the body that we have problems with, and we put particular stress or stretch positions on those areas. This will direct the oxygenated blood to the area that we want to affect because any time you put a stress or stretch on a particular area of the body, you create a need for more blood to that area. That is why a body builder uses weights. The whole idea is to increase oxygen in the blood. In essence, what we are doing is we are burning excess body fat on a cellular level and tightening and toning muscles simultaneously. So we end up with inch loss and body fat loss.”


“Research shows that 50 minutes of jazzercise burns 250 calories. If you run for five miles, you burn 450 calories. If you were to do this program for the same amount of time (you don’t do it for 50 minutes, but for comparison’s sake), it would burn 3,500 calories. These are documented results. 3,500 calories = One pound of fat!


“You have to work the muscles from the inside out. You have to be able to manipulate the inside of your abdomen. When you do this, you strengthen the muscles, and when you strengthen the muscles, they get shorter and make your stomach flat. Our insides are stagnant. Every time you do this technique, you stimulate the organs on the inside and realign the digestive system. It’s like ringing out those organs of old toxins and making them fresh. Suddenly your gastrointestinal system starts to work better. Problems with irregularity and indigestion can be helped because your system is starting to work the way it’s supposed to at high efficiency.””


“I taught a group of plastic surgeons from San Francisco. One was a plastic surgeon of the stars, and he told me that plastic surgeons have always known that facial exercises combined with breathing exercises can reduce the need for plastic surgery. As we age, we want to tighten and tone the facial and neck muscles. There is only one program on the market, and it is called Facercise, taught by a woman named Carol Maggio. She charges $2,500 for these facial exercises. I have seen them, and what is in my Body Flex program is much more effective and works a lot faster.”


“Dr. Otto Warburg, who won a Nobel prize for discovering the cause of cancer, said that the one prime cause of cancer is lack of oxygen to the system. Oxygen helps the lymph system to kick into high gear and get rid of toxins in your body. If your lymph system is not working right, you are going to be sick all the time with colds, flu and whatever comes along. One out of two of us in this country will get cancer sometime in our lives. One out of four women will get breast cancer. One out of two of us has a bad back, one out of four of us is on an antidepressant, and 90% of us are overweight and not in shape. We have big problems. I’m not saying that medication isn’t good for certain problems, but sometimes the medication we take is worse than the problem we have. I believe that whatever we do in our lives, we should do as much as we can to make ourselves as healthy as possible rather than running to the doctor.”

“Dr. Sheldon Hendler, a famous medical researcher who has a clinic in San Diego, wrote two books called The Oxygen Breakthrough, and Chronic Fatigue and Other Illnesses. In it he says that you can rid your body of chronic illnesses like Chronic Fatigue and Epstein Barr Syndrome by deep breathing exercises. He explains that viruses and bacteria are reproduced in the blood. When you get conditions like Epstein Barr or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you become very weak, and your breathing becomes even more shallow. You limit the amount of oxygen to the system which lets those viruses and bacteria reproduce in the blood. When you do a system like Body Flex, you saturate the blood with oxygen, and the viruses and bacteria in the blood stop reproducing, and they are kept at a standstill. Your immune system starts to improve and you start to feel better.”


“Many people take this program just to stop smoking because that is one of the claims it makes. I was hired by Blue Cross and Blue Shield to teach Body Flex at their fitness program. Do you realize that smoking robs your body of 50% of its oxygen? And that accounts for why people who smoke look older than they are. Half the oxygen is taken out of their system and the skin gets very dry and wrinkled.”



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